Katie Salen on the Future of Game-Based Education

March 11 2008 / by Venessa Posavec / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Entertainment   Year: 2009   Rating: 13

When it comes to education, the definition of ‘literacy’ is changing as we begin the 21st century. It’s not just about rote memorization of dates and facts anymore. We’re living in a world where computers are allowing various types of social media, virtual environments and simulations, and games to be interwoven into complex new tools for understanding and interacting with the systems in which we live.

One big advocate of that notion is Katie Salen, a game designer and director of the graduate Design and Technology program at Parsons School of Design. She’s written books and lectured extensively on how the creation and use of games can be a foundation for learning and innovation in our ever accelerating world. Pushing that vision further, she is now spearheading a project to open a school based on gaming literacy. Katie shared some of her thoughts and predictions about the future of games and learning with us in a text-based interview.

V: What do you do and how is that related to the future?

K: Most of my current work focuses on the future of learning, and the role games and social media might plan in transforming that future. The non-profit I run—The Institute of Play —is designing a new 6th-12th grade school in New York City, based on game design and systems-thinking. The project aims to change the way schools think about learning by designing the school from the ground up around the intrinsic qualities of games and play. And while parents might be concerned about the amount of screen-time or game play an approach such as this might involve, researchers from fields as diverse as the learning sciences, literacy studies, computer science, and anthropology are seeing that games can and do affect how, when, and where kids learn.

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John Mahaffie: 5 Reasons Your Company Should Hire A Futurist

March 14 2008 / by Venessa Posavec / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Business & Work   Year: 2008   Rating: 9

Thinking about the future is a full time job, at least for futurist and business consultant John Mahaffie. With “clarity, context, and a focus on alternative futures” as a credo, he’s been helping organizations stay at the leading-edge of their industries since the mid-1980s. His consultancy, Leading Futurists LLC, focuses on workshops and exercises to build a foresight mentality and keep innovative juices flowing. Past clients have included Microsoft, GE, and Nokia, to name a few. He also authors a blog, Foresight Culture, which offers tasty nuggets of advice about the techniques and strategies that can help organizations foster a “culture of foresight”.

Yesterday, John took some time out of his busy schedule to speak with us about the meaning of foresight, some emerging trends that may affect your life or business, and why input from a futurist is never a bad thing.

“Foresight is the act of anticipating change and drawing meaning from it. Though practices and purposes vary, there is a core set of tools in foresight, including environmental scanning and scenario building. Foresight is usually done at the front end of organization planning processes,” Mahaffie explained, “I favor working towards becoming a ‘foresight culture’ and devote a blog by that name to discussing how people can do that.”

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Interview with Peter Voss, Full-Length Transcript

March 03 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Technology   Year: General   Rating: 8

Transcript of Peter Voss Audio Interview

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Krugman 100% Sure US Financial System Will Be Partially Nationalized

October 09 2008 / by John Heylin / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Economics   Year: 2008   Rating: 8 Hot

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Interview: W. David Stephenson

February 28 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Government   Year: General   Rating: 6

This interview was conducted by Venessa Posavec 01/24/08

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Interview: Steve Omohundro (full length audio transcript)

February 28 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Technology   Year: General   Rating: 5

The following is a transcript of an audio interview with Steve Omohundro by Venessa Posavec

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MemeBox on Fast Forward Radio

January 08 2009 / by Alvis Brigis / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Technology   Year: General   Rating: 3


This week Garry Golden, Jeff Hilford and I had the pleasure to participate in the latest of The Speculist's outstanding Fast Forward Radio series (audio below the fold).  Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon led us through a comprehensive exploration of the year ahead of us and then (of course) encourage a bit of speculation about events 10-30 years out. 

Garry shared his energy and transportation policy insights and predictions for 2009 (a must listen), and ventured some suppositions for the future including the possibility of converging on a space-based Dyson Sphere.

Jeff discussed the ongoing rise of social media and the future meme, then offered up a longer-term prediction concerning Actuarial Escape Velocity, aka the point in time that medicine becomes capable of extending the average lifespan quicker than nature can take it from us.

I of course got into the steady growth in prosumers, intelligence amplification and a bit of simulation theory.

After kindly facilitating our output :), the hosts also got into the speculation game, with Phil tackiling issues including Global Quantification and Cancer Containment (very cool conept), and Stephen venturing the prediction that the first generation of life extension technologies are much closer to reality that we may suppose.

All in all, it was a wonderful brain-fest that I encourage you check out whenever you've got a spare hour on your hands.  And be sure to add The Speculist to your RSS as they've got a steady stream of great future content, including their weekly podcast, flowing through regularly. -- (Audio is below the fold.)

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Interview: John Mahaffie (03/12/08)

March 14 2008 / by memebox / In association with Future Blogger.net
Category: Other   Year: General   Rating: 2

This interview was conducted by Venessa Posavec

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[Video] Charlie Rose interviews US Energy Secretary Steven Chu 'Green Revolution' is Possible

March 10 2009 / by Garry Golden
Category: Government   Year: General   Rating: 2

Charlie Rose recently hosted a conversation [35 min.] with United States Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.  The conversation covered a wide spectrum of ideas being explored from the 'low hanging fruit' with energy efficiency and new building design tools, to evolution of Smart Grid and anticipatory management of energy flows, new tranmission lines for renewables, emerging carbon pricing markets, cleaner coal systems, regulatory framework for nuclear, and next generation liquid fuels. 

And ended with Rose stating 'that the convergence/merger of our scientific know-how and energy' will determine our future.  On that note, I wish Chu would have uttered something about 'nanoscale' engineering, and bioenergy (algae/bacteria, and synthetic biology) just to seed these emerging concepts with Rose's audience.  But baby steps, I guess!

Energy Revolution Rises from Materials Science and Bio-science, not Geo-Engineering
Chu arrived at the right time!  The first half of this Industrial Age was based on us being smart geo-engineers, not necessarily smart energy materials scientists.  And that is our future- growing and storing our own energy supplies!  I am just very thankful that we have a DOE Secretary who recognizes that the 'green revolution' will arise from science, not shopping! Oh, the places we'll go!

Embedded video from Charlie Rose