SnapShot: 2015

April 01 2008 / by Marisa Vitols / In association with Future
Category: Technology   Year: 2015   Rating: 7

If you’re interested in how a specific future year may shape up, the Future Scanner offers a wealth of information to this end. A quick search through 2015 scans revealed a plethora of information about the expected state of cancer treatment, interfaces, artificial intelligence, robotics, the environment and much more.

Take a look at the following results for a quick snapshot of 2015:

Health of the General Population: Although it has been predicted that 75% of Americans will be overweight by then, what and how we’re eating might be very different from today. Check out these winning designs from the competition “Dining in 2015” as well as the potential for elegant designer fruit that could hit grocery stores by 2015. And though the future of fruit is exciting, the future of food prices may not be so, according to this prediction that cereal prices will rise by between 10% and 20% by 2015 due to supplies not matching future demands, according to the International Food Policy Research Institute.

The most exciting prediction regarding health in 2015 is the likelihood that cancer may be well on its way to being cured. According to this Future Blogger post by futuretalk “Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, then director of the National Cancer Institute outlined his goal to eliminate suffering and death from cancer by 2015.”

Gadgets and Gizmos: Lots of exciting technologies to look forward to in this year. Check out these awesome laptop prototypes as well as Nokia’s Nano-phone being developed with the 2015 goal in mind.


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