All cancer deaths could be eliminated within 7 years, officials predict

July 10 2008 / by futuretalk / In association with Future
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By Dick Pelletier

Former National Cancer Institute Director Andrew von Eschenbach claims that “By 2015, nobody will die of cancer; it may not be cured at that time,” he says, “but innovative new therapies will make the disease manageable and finally bring an end to the pain, suffering, and death that cancer now dishes out.”

In support of von Eschenbach’s claim, 92 US Senators and 275 members of the House signed a “2015 goal letter” that describes how suffering and death from cancer can be eliminated on such an aggressive schedule.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in the US for people under age 85, experts say. One in two men and one in three women will get cancer in their lifetime, and more than 1,500 Americans die every day from this horrific disease; and these statistics have changed very little since America first declared war on cancer in 1950.

So, if in 58 years we have made such little headway in fighting this disease, how can Eschenbach claim we will eliminate cancer deaths in seven years? The answer lies in what some refer to as the “nanotech revolution.” Scientists working with this new technology are creating an impressive array of new cancer therapies and drugs.

The nanotech approach to fighting cancer can be divided into two parts; detection and therapeutic.

Detection systems identify cancer cells before they become dangerous, and if cancer is in remission, predict if it might flare up again; these include:

Quantum Dots – dramatically improves today’s early detection tests. These tiny particles glow and act as markers on cells and genes, enabling doctors to visualize cancer when present or impending. Widespread availability expected within five years. (cont.)

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