The Future of Energy is Personal

October 01 2008 / by John Heylin / In association with Future
Category: Energy   Year: 2008   Rating: 5 Hot

There are many that see huge potential in windmill farms, solar fields and huge geothermal operations. And there is huge potential. Energy is a resource we seemingly cannot live without and can never get enough of. In fact, electricity may as well rank up there with water in level of importance.

But the problem facing the average consumer is that even if these huge projects are undertaken, they are still dependent on a large company for their energy needs. They are subject to rate hikes, unfair charges, and development costs the company undertakes. How can the average person release themselves from the shackles of energy addiction?

Solar panels are a good start, but for many the idea of keeping track of battery fluid levels, the cost of the panels themselves, as well as winter months without Sun keeps floating in the back of their heads. Installing a windmill in their backyard is also out of the question, unless of course you have acres to spare and don’t mind the occasional malfunction.

One genre of products that have the potential to take the consumer market by storm is the micro wind turbine.

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EyeClops Night Vision — A New Reason to Fear Your Children

November 03 2008 / by John Heylin / In association with Future
Category: Gadgets   Year: 2008   Rating: 2

For a measly $60, your kid can become a Rainbow Six operative with these sweet night vision goggles. EyeClops allows the user to see up to 50 feet in pitch dark conditions using real infrared technology for its display. And while it’s a power-hog (the five AA batteries last about five hours), night vision has been the dream of just about any boy out there who’s parents accidentally let him watch the movie Patriot Games).

Is this a future trend? Military technology making its way into the home as a much friendlier version?

Of course it is. The military has fascinating gadgets — it only makes sense they’d eventually find their way into the hands of our children. BB guns (weapons), remote-control airplanes (Unmanned Aeriel Vehicles), and of course fireworks (explosives). The real question is, what military tech today could wind up in the hands of the next generation?