Tapping Wave Power in Deep Seas

October 03 2008 / by jvarden
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While most wave power turbines are sedentary, generating their energy from surface waves that crash against them, Scottish engineers at the University of Strathclyde’s Energy Systems Research Unit have developed a new, innovative turbine that can generate energy in the deep seas.

The deeper, more powerful water currents allow for more energy generation, but unfortunately, most water turbines cannot handle it. On the other hand, the ESRU turbine will function like a kite, anchored to the seabed and drifting with the ocean currents to plumb the strong, deep waters. Its contra-rotating rotors are designed to allow the simplification of the mooring system.

ESRU’s kite turbines still have more research to undergo before they are ready for use, but if they are perfected, wave powered turbines will not be limited only to the use of crashing surface waves but they could also be moored to vast ocean beds and their deep currents’ wealth of power finally tapped. The upcoming sea trials may bring up more questions for the researchers to answer, including the turbines’ environmental impact and energy-delivery infrastructure, but hopefully these kite turbines will soon be drifting in deep sea currents, powering the world with their clean, renewable energy.

Via Scientific American

Image: Chausinho Flickr CC License

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