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September 10 2008 / by John Heylin / In association with Future
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An amazing concept coming out of the Design Incubation Centre is the Touch Hear. In effect, a computer is implanted, glued or bonded onto a fingertip and ear which could then decipher foreign languages, look up definitions of unknown vocabulary, and even tell you how to pronounce the words correctly.

“By touching a word or phrase in a particular piece of reading material, the user can listen to its related information, like its pronunciation or its meaning.”

Consider it a dictionary/Wikipedia/Babel Fish all at the tip of your finger.

If something this powerful can be put into your fingertips, what else could the future possibly cram in there?

Cell Phone — Something I’ve always thought about is implanting a cellphone into the hand. The pinky finger would be the mic, the thumb the speaker, and the dial pad on the palm of your hand. Would it look silly? Heck yes, but at least you’ll just look crazy as opposed to the bluetooth headsets that make you look like a Star Trek villain). Of course the radiation of having a phone implanted into your hand (especially when you have to re-charge it or replace a broken part) might be a little on the invasive side. But that’s the cost of progress!

Projector — Besides the fact that you could endlessly pester any teacher of yours by shooting a laser light from your fingertips, you could also project other images or even movies. Granted you’d have to keep your hand perfectly still if you plan on avoiding the wrath of your fellow theater goers. By hooking it into the mind we could possibly see our thoughts projected onto the wall as well, great for when you’re trying to explain an object to someone who just can’t picture it. The only problem would be controlling your mind so well that the passing supermodel doesn’t interfere with your presentation on black holes. Whoops, that’s embarrassing.

Remote Control — For those of you who constantly lose the remote or battle with your significant other on who gets ownership of the remote, this product is for you. A universal remote built into your hand allows you to change the stereo, TV channels, and that Big Mouth Billy Bass you still have up on the wall. This would be great until your partner also gets a hold of one (damn) and calm nights in front of the tube turn into a Monday night channel fighting.

Taser — There’s really not much to be said about this. Let’s just say it’d be a huge surprise to any attacker (or protester) when the person they’re up against turns out to be the thunder god Raiden).

Coolant — Yep, for those hot days when you wish you had a spray mister, look no further. After chugging a gallon of water, you turn into your own sprinkler system. Be the envy of everyone on the patio as you spray water over guests and hosts alike. Of course, this could be used for evil as well. An epidemic could easily be spread by a terrorist loaded up with Ebola. Let’s hope they never think of this.

Screen Cleaner — Admit it, your screen is dirty as Hell right now. You’ve thought about using your shirt or even that wipe that came with your laptop, but they never seem to get the screen totally clean. Enter the Hand Wipe. Deftly cleaning screen after screen with laser precision, never running out of cleaning fluid (mined from your own body), and also good for cleaning around the house. Of course, there are other uses, but I’ll let you use your imagination.

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Comment Thread (6 Responses)

  1. All I want is a cell phone communicator like the Star Trek badge with voice command capabilities. Hell, I might make one myself.


    Posted by: Covus   September 10, 2008
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  2. I agree with Covus :). The rest of this stuff is funny to think about, but I don’t want any of it. Generally, I tend to thin a versatile portable device is preferable to something implanted in the body.

    Posted by: Mielle Sullivan   September 11, 2008
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  3. I dunno, after seeing people hunched over their laptops and tired of holding a phone I see maybe not implants but things like this stick-on device more common. If by putting a small dot on your finger allows you to get rid of the mouse, how can you argue with that?

    Posted by: martymcfly   September 11, 2008
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  4. Just the concept makes me think it could be used for cheating on tests in schools. But it makes me wonder what kids would have the money to afford this procedure without their parents permission?

    Posted by: christinep   October 20, 2008
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  5. Are these ideas just guesses or are there actually people working on these things? Honestly, spraying water from my finger is the most useless feature I’ve ever heard of.

    Posted by: DJ123   November 07, 2008
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  6. @DJ123 Yeah, the examples are not things people are currently trying to develop (except maybe the cellphone idea) and were just some playful ideas, not to be taken seriously but more from a humor standpoint.

    Posted by: John Heylin   November 07, 2008
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