India's Tata Unveils Electric Vehicle for European Market, Another Blow to Combustion Engine

March 06 2009 / by Garry Golden
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Tata EV

The future of building cars based on the combustion engine does not look bright!

While auto giants like GM & Toyota continue to stumble their way into the future, companies based in China and India are plotting their low cost electric vehicle path into global markets.

TATA's EV Strategy
This week, India's Tata Motor Company unveiled its European version of its Nano vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show.

But the product that has the most disruptive potential might be its latest version of the Indica Vista EV (Electric Vehicle). (Earlier post)

While it's unlikely that the four seat compact car will move global markets anytime soon, it is India's 3rd and 4th Generation EV platforms that integrate batteries, fuel cells and capacitors that matter most to giants like GM and Toyota.  Without a legacy of combustion engine supply chains and factories, Chinese and Indian companies might be able to deliver low cost, high quality EV vehicles to global markets

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