Energy Startup to Watch: Carbon Sciences (Biocatalyst to 'grow' fuels)

February 18 2009 / by Garry Golden
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Fortune may favor those who see carbon as a resource for making things, and not the demise of human civilization. 

Carbon Sciences (Santa Barbara, CA) is another company focused on 'growing energy' using bio-derived conversion processes.  It is betting its future on bioenergy systems patterned from Mother Nature:  Harness and 'protect' the 'biocatalysts' (enzymes) that have molecular pathways designed to eat carbon dioxide (CO2), bind it with hydrogen to form liquid hydrocarbons.  Just like oil!

The biofuel can be blown up in a combustion engine, converted into electricity via a fuel cell, or used to create bio-plastics.  It will take a few years for CS to move from its March '09 demonstration to pilot to full scale production as they confront the challenges shared by all bioenergy startups: lowering costs, improving reliability and scaling.   Let's not hype these advanced bio energy companies, but if society is going to invest in an energy system that has true disruptive potential - biology provides a compelling platform.  We should be paying attention to startups like Carbon Sciences.

Video clip from MoneyTV with new President, Byron Elton

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Story inspired via IndUS Business Journal

Video via MoneyTV

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