Clinton Foundation to fund LED Street Lamps for City of Los Angeles

February 17 2009 / by Garry Golden
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ccbar street lampThe Clinton Foundation has announced a plan to help the City of Los Angeles retrofit 140,000 street lamps with more efficient white-light LEDs that offer longer lifetime, lower energy use and less 'light polllution' that restricts night sky views.

The Outdoor Lighting Program of the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) will be the largest LED street lighting retrofit project ever undertaken by a city to date. The City expects to reduce its electricity use by approximately 40,500 tons a year equal to taking '6,700 passenger vehicles off the road every year.'  The Foundation expects the city to save save a total of $48 million over a seven year period, and reduce carbon emissions by 197,000 tons.

A National Model for Saving Electricity & Night Sky Views?

In the US, street lighting costs can represent 10 percent to 38 percent of a city government's utility bill.  The Foundation estimates that the 'nearly 35 million streetlights in the United States consumes about 1 percent of all electricity is used by street lighting systems.'

"If every city followed the example of Los Angeles and reduced the electricity used by their streetlights by 50 percent, it would be equivalent to eliminating over 2.5 of those coal plants per year," President Clinton said. "We would do that while saving taxpayers money. And by doing that, we would also reclaim our night sky."

Clinton Foundation Press Release


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