Austin based Graphene Energy raises $500K for Ultracapacitors

January 21 2009 / by Garry Golden
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carbon grapheneAustin, Texas based Graphene Energy has raised $500,000 to expand its vision of bringing graphene-based ultracapacitors to market.  Capacitors are a class of energy storage devices that hold physical charges of electricity.

The company hopes that their use of nanoscale designed carbon graphene sheets will improve ultracapacitor performance to support the shift towards electrive drive vehicles powered by the integration of batteries, fuel cells and capacitors.  Together these three energy storage devices provide all the demands of electric vehicles - regenerative energy capture, scaling up, and bursts.

The Strongest Material in the Universe
is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice.  Graphene has unique electro-, structural and mechanical properties, and is arguably the strongest known material in the universe given the combination of all known elements.  For energy researchers, graphene is a new platorm for creating lower cost and more efficient components including: high surface area electrodes for energy storage devices, and backbone foundations for solar cells. 

Carbon Graphene is closely related carbon nanotubes that are used to increase surface area of materials used in batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells.  But graphene sheets have their own unique performance properties and have emerged as a very 'hot' area of research across a range of disciplines including advanced electronics (transistors & memory) and biotechnology.

GreenCarCongress is also reporting that the 'company also concluded licensing terms for its technology from the University of Texas at Austin and The College of William and Mary.'



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