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I'll assume you've heard of Subversion, an on going procedural generation project at Introversion Software. I'll allow you to educate yourself if you havnt.

I'm sure you're also aware of the simulation argument, though I'm not sure you know just how soon a believable simulation of the world will come onto the market.

The most serious part, the most frightening, is that it wont even be real people, they wont have brains or emotions or any neural activity. And yet, for most the theatre will be all it takes to make them turn up their noses.



You might say "No, people are smarter than that."

But what happens when all the tell their children is to "look at that" and that "Those people are as real as you or I." And their childrens' children. And so on.

How many of these children will ever bother to look under the hood?

How many children will ever even touch a "computer"?

The keyboard is the next white line, the next rock and roll, the next great satan. It is to be replaced with that last horror from the depths of hell, the television. We already have the 700 Club. You've seen what else it can do, we all remember the day it woke up.

What happens when that instrument is used for war? The only possible target is the competition. The computer.

Wouldnt you get lazy if you had all the willing bodies you possibly want?


Pretty soon you'd want to get rid of some.

And how easy could that be? Right now people are learning from their televisions that death is as easy as pushing a button.

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