Toshiba opens lithium ion battery plant, Asia holding advantage in energy storage systems

December 26 2008 / by Garry Golden
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Toshiba li ion

While US and European leaders debate investments in clean tech energy platforms, Asia continues to advance its first mover advantage in energy storage. 

Toshiba Corporation has announced plans to construct a new production facility for its safe, long-life rapid charge SCiB battery to meet expected demand for industrial and automotive applications from 2010 on. The company also announced plans to expand production of high efficiency motors at a Vietnam based factory.

Energy storage is going to be a major growth area within the 'new energy economy'.  Batteries are expected to be the dominate platform in the years ahead, but fuel cells and capacitors could soon emerge from the bottom of the 'Hype Cycle' with actual commercial products.

Toshiba estimates that the market for lithium-ion batteries for industrial and automotive applications to reach sales of 1.7 trillion yen (approximately US$19 billion) worldwide in fiscal year 2015.

Press release via EE Times

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