List of 50 Hottest Biofuel companies from 2008

December 22 2008 / by Garry Golden
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Biofuels Digest has released its list of of 'Hottest' Biofuel companies based on research or production achievements in 2008.  The analyst panel votes were weighted by industry and region 'to ensure a fair and broad representation of companies and technologies.'

"Innovation in renewable energy is gaining speed," said Jim Lane, editor and publisher of Biofuels Digest. "A slew of advanced bioenergy systems are coming to market from some of the brightest biologists, chemists, agronomists and engineers in the world. These companies are the hottest of the hot."

Top Ten includes:

1. Coskata
2. Sapphire Energy
3. Virent Energy Systems
5. Range Fuels
6. Solazyme
7. Amyris Biotechnologies
8. Mascoma
9. DuPont Danisco
10. UOP

Other notables include: Novozymes (#14), Qteros (#15), Synthetic Genomics (#19), LS9 (#25),

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