Virtual Energy Forum: More Talk, Less Carbon

December 10 2008 / by joelg
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By Joel Greenberg

What's Happening?

As  cleantech businesses gathers speed, conferences abound. Instead of flying speakers and attendees around the country or the world to attend them, why not host them virtually?  That's what's happening today and tomorrow, 12/10 and 12/11, online at the Virtual Energy Forum. Open to the public, attendance is free.

Virtual Energy Forum Screenshot

Speakers include:

- Joseph Kelliher, Chairman, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
- James E. Rogers CEO, Duke Energy
- Paul P. Bollinger Jr., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy and Partnerships, US Army
- Roland Risser, Director for Customer Energy Efficiency Pacific Gas and Electric
- Kathleen Hogan, Director, Climate Protection Partnerships Division, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Why is This Important?

Aside from the carbon and travel cost savings benefits, the ability to draw an audience from around the world potentially increases reach and allows more people to be drawn in to the conversation. The technology is web-based and feels more like interactive television with the ability to drill down into sponsor's literature.  It's not a Virtual World and therefore doesn't give one a sense of presence with other attendees or the speakers, despite a chat room.


Look for other events to consider offering virtual conferences to reach a larger audience with less effort, possibly in a Virtual World format to facilitate attendees meeting one another.

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