New "Algae 2020" Study forecasts commercialization path for algae biofuels

December 05 2008 / by Garry Golden
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Algae 2020A new industry study by Emerging Markets Online describes a turning point for the algae derived biofuels sector as it enters the first stage of commercial development. 

So let's hold back on the 'hype' and take a solid look at how algae biofuels might evolve in the years ahead!

The forthcoming "Algae 2020" [PDF] study measures over $300 million (€233 million) in algae investments through November 2008 "including projects, initiatives and participation from Bill Gates, The Rockefellers,  DoE, BP, Chevron and the UK’s Carbon Trust."

The report notes significant trends related to public-private investments, growing investments in private startups, and engineering efforts related to the first wave of pilot and commercial facilities.

The study includes detailed analysis on: algae production methods, species selection, algae biofuel applications, CO2 selection methods, as well as updates on technical aspects of algae harvesting and extraction.

Algae 2020 Study Overview [PDF]

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From Emerging Markets Online

Algae 2020 Investment Summary

Biofuels Bright Future article by Will Thurmond (Forbes)


Editor's Full Disclosure:

Emerging Markets Online President Will Thurmond is a colleague from the Association of Professional Futurists. In the past I have provided research services for Emerging Markets, but have not recently, and am not currently employed or engaged in professional services.   Having said that-- Will Thurmond knows the biofuels landscape and is a trusted voice in the analyst field!!

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