Another US startup producing thin film solar panels used for rooftops

December 01 2008 / by Garry Golden
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Leslie Science CenterThe US manufacturing base appears to be more than capable of expanding production of a very promising form of solar technology that can be integrated into building materials like rooftops.

Thin film solar (right side of roof image) based on plastic material foundations are less efficient than traditional glass-based photovoltaic panels (leftside of image), but they are much cheaper and more durable. By layering, or ‘printing’, thin film solar modules into common building and rooftop materials we can generate solar power onsite even on cloudy days. 

While large utilities look to solar thermal and traditional glass based solar panels to produce large amounts of electricity, building designers and consumers are waiting for plastic based thin film solar that can be integrated into rooftops without the risk (and design issues) associated with fragile and bulky glass units.

We have covered a number of stories (below) on thin film solar startups in the US who are building megawatt scale thin film production plants in the next 18 months.

Now EPV SOLAR has announced that its new 30,000 square foot, 20 MW production facility in Robbinsville, NJ, is producing and shipping production quantities of its thin-film amorphous silicon solar modules. EPV already operates a 30 MW plant in Senftenberg, Germany. 

The next step for thin film producers will be to expand partnerships with building materials and construction firms able to get products to market.  Last month Michigan-based ECD Ovonic solar subsidiary Uni-Solar has signed a multi-year agreement with an Italian steel and metal materials company to build solar rooftop materials used in onsite power generation. Marcegaglia expects to introduce the low cost, durable thin film.  

While it is too early to expect thin film solar panels on the shelves of Home Depot and Lowes, that day might be much closer than you think!

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EPV Press Release

Image Credit - Jhritz of Leslie Science Center Flickr Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution

EPV SOLAR is a New Jersey-based amorphous silicon thin-film solar module developer and manufacturer and currently sells its product to customers in grid-connected and off-grid markets in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The company is undergoing significant capacity expansion in New Jersey and Germany and is planning further expansion in Mexico and India. EPV SOLAR is developing its Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and Systems Integration sectors while pursuing its mission to remain one of the world’s lowest-cost producers of solar modules.


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