Solar and Wind Powered Blossom Street Lights

November 10 2008 / by jvarden / In association with Future
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Street lighting of the future will be self-powered, drawing in energy from the wind and the sun. Phillips’ new Light Blossom “transforms the personality of any community from industrial to ecological, harmonizing forces of nature and working with the planet, not against it” (Source).

During the day, these Blossoms unfurl to collect solar and wind energy, moving to catch the maximum amount of energy, like sunflowers following the sun’s passage across the sky. Each Blossom’s stem contains an energy meter so both pedestrians and metermen/women can read it easily. At night, the Light Blossom automatically closes its petals and shines a faint, power-saving LED light at the base of its stem. As pedestrians approach the Blossom the light intensity increases to improve visibility.

The Light Blossom can also supply night lighting in locations that lack a constant supply of electricity. For these locations, the Blossom can also add energy to the grid with an overproduction of energy, making them into both solar and wind collectors as well as a source of lighting. While Light Blossoms may sound a little far-fetched, solar and wind collectors are becoming more and more commonplace. Soon, walking down a street where the lights turn to follow the sun and only brighten at night when they sense movement will be taken for granted.

Image: [Esdras Calderan] Flickr CC

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