Robotic Jellyfish Could Pave the Way to a Better Robot

November 06 2008 / by John Heylin / In association with Future
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Bump into a jellyfish in the Ocean? Sure it was a real one?

A German company called Festo threw these guys together using some pretty amazing technology that they hope will be useful for future production sites.

“Each is coated with conductive metal paint that draws the robot to a nearby charging station. It also has LED illumination, integrated pressure, light and radio sensors, and 11 infrared light-emitting diodes used for jelly-to-jelly communication.” –

The key is getting the jellyfish (there’s one that floats in the air too) to work together to accomplish tasks. Already they can swarm together and avoid collision through communication, but the real hope is that they can eventually work together.

Building objects with robots requires an assembly line which, if the swarming technology gets refined, will soon be outdated and inefficient. In getting multiple robots to work together to build a single product or structure, you not only save production time but also space. You could build a thousand cars in a warehouse that today only has a hundred car capacity.

If anything, at least you could put them in your fish tank and enjoy the show (Dr. Evil might attach laser beams to them).

via MAKE

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  1. That is just awesome.

    Posted by: martymcfly   November 06, 2008
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  2. I want a tank of robotic jellyfish!!! Where’s my tank of robotic jellyfish!!

    Posted by: Mielle Sullivan   November 07, 2008
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