5 Ways OLED Technology Will Change Your Life

October 30 2008 / by amisampat / In association with Future Blogger.net
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By Ami Sampat

OLED Technology is soon to be the brightest light in the future of energy. OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diode) are made up of thin layers of individual ‘light emitting’ molecules that can be ‘printed’ and layered on thin film sheets.

The quality of OLED lighting is much greater than that of a LED. It can display a wide variety of colors, which are also brighter and easier on the eyes. Its light is similar to the sunlight so rooms and offices look much more inviting and comfortable. OLEDs are not only used as lighting, but can also come in use in TVs, and the backlights of cell phones, PDAs, and computers.

Earlier we featured ‘5 Videos on OLEDs’ which highlight this new technology.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the OLED is that it does not waste energy like the LED does. This is great in not only saving energy, but it also makes for longer battery life for cell phones, PDAs, etc. OLEDs are also very easy to use. Because of the thin film which it is made up of, it is very flexible. It can be moved around in any which direction, while also making holes in the product. More of this can be seen at a previous article posted, ‘OLED Screen so Flexible and Thin it Blows in the Wind’. This flexibility paves the way for more creative displays of lighting, rather than the simple displays of the LED. OLED technology is on its way to becoming an important part of our everyday lives’ and here are some ways how.

5 Ways OLED Technology Will Change the Way You Live

1) Cheap Telepresence Finally Comes of Age
Have you ever found yourself wishing that distance didn’t exist anymore? Whether it be distance between family member, significant others, and so on, why did it have to be there? Thanks to the new OLED technology, you no longer have to feel each and every mile that seperates you from a loved one. OLED displays will provide for crisper, more brighter face-to-face communication. Now you will be able to see your newborn neice who is born continents away. This OLED technology will also bring more of a personal touch when communicating. Gone are the days of e-mailing, chatting, and texting with no face on the other side. Now you will be able to see the person you are talking to, which adds more of a personal, although its done through a display system!

2) Takes Entertainment to a Whole New Level
Whether it is video games or movies, an OLED display makes you feel as if you really are a part of whatever movie you are watching, or game you are playing. Also, the modulars may be cut and made with just one square or even fill up a whole wall! This leads to more enjoyable entertainment for the whole family.

3) The Digital Closet
With OLED touch screen technology, you will be able to see what outfits look best on you without even trying them on! In the future of closets, closet mirrors made up of OLED modules and with a few touches on the screen, you can see your entire wardrobe. Even beter, you will see what you look like IN those outfits, to save yourself the hassle of trying on multiple different clothes before settling on the perfect outfit. If there is one particular outfit you love, you can save it in your “favorites” or even categorize your outfits by events- “Birthday Party” “Family Gathering” “Wedding” “Office Meeting” and so on! This new technology will make getting ready that much easier and more efficient!

4) The Service Field
With OLED technology, things can be made much more exciting and interactive! Take for example, exercising. By implanting OLED technology onto treadmill or any other exercise machine panels, you can not only work out, but enjoy it too! The OLED screen will make it possible to watch TV and movies while you are working out. This sort of technology can be applied to schools and the healthcare field as well. It can make for easier and better interaction between students and teachers, in school or college, and doctors and patients, in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

5) Products become Art
One of the great advantages of the OLED is its flexibility. In the future, lighting will not just have a single purpose: brightening a room. It will also stand for something beautiful, creative, and artistic. This can be said for many other products as well. For example, the “skins” of laptops, cell phones, Ipods, etc can be replaced with OLED modules to make it more than just a smooth surface. It can be personalized with different colors and/or images to bring about the user’s personality.

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