[Video] Close up look at Blacklight Power's breakthrough in energy production

October 30 2008 / by Garry Golden
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Earlier we reported on the independent verification of BlackLight Power Inc’s novel method of generating primary power beyond the scientific paradigms of combustion and nuclear reactions. The method captures tremendous amounts of energy released when powder containing hydrogen atoms reacts with a catalyst to drop its energy state into hydrinos.

Via PESWIKI we now have a video to explain the verification process and explore the implications for energy production in the 21st century.

Download 51 MB .wmv Video

Source – BlackLight Power Inc’s

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  1. Truly exciting. I wonder how they came up with BlackLight as their name. The metaphorical implications are downright layered. And the story doesn’t get any better, really. Some smart Jersey guys change the world and get rich. They should make a movie (did they do that one yet?). Well done. I will be keeping an eye out for those guys.

    Posted by: Adam Cutsinger   November 18, 2008
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