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Half Empty, Half Full. Or both.

October 16 2008 / by Peltaire
Category: Other   Year: Beyond   Rating: 3 Hot

Nuclear aftermath is just another way of life.

Hope and change? How about mostly change.

You have genes, you are not your genes.

June 24 2008 / by Peltaire
Category: Health & Medicine   Year: 2008   Rating: 3

Dr. Dean Ornish says that your genes are not your fate.

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*An Artist's Brain*

March 07 2008 / by Peltaire
Category: Other   Year: 2008   Rating: 3

Musician, Painter and Jewelry maker Jimbob Peltaire creates creating and reveals a new take on being an artist. Image Below is a belt buckle created by Jimbob Peltaire

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